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US-2623819-A: Means for improving alkaline clay soils and method of manufacture patent, US-2625629-A: Over and under actuator for electric switches patent, US-2638382-A: Portable shower attachment patent, US-2642362-A: Light-sensitive baryta-coated photographic paper patent, US-2655197-A: Convertible seat patent, US-2670296-A: Method of producing quick-freezing and quick-cooking meat patties patent, US-2672893-A: Picker stick check patent, US-2677047-A: Apparatus for controlling highway crossing signals patent, US-2681215-A: Automatic choke device for carburetors patent, US-2685811-A: Universal chucking center patent, US-2706418-A: Pedal bracket patent, US-2708314-A: Artificial teeth patent, US-2716415-A: Plating machine patent, US-2717489-A: Cooling cowl for jet engines patent, US-2750746-A: Safety diaphragms for hydraulic brakes patent, US-2758077-A: Benzene hexachloride production patent, US-2761314-A: Dynamometer patent, US-2764965-A: Hydraulic governors patent, US-2785245-A: Speed governor for a vehicle patent, US-2789018-A: Fluid pressure brake apparatus patent, US-2799447-A: Coin receptacle patent, US-2802056-A: Multiplex system patent, US-2806584-A: Typographical composing machine patent, US-2808606-A: Shoe polishing kit patent, US-2817515-A: Tape feeder patent, US-2820628-A: Window operator patent, US-2822526-A: Waveguide shutter patent, US-2823227-A: Chloroaniline salts of alpha, alpha-dichloro-propionic acid patent, US-2824602-A: Seat structure patent, US-2825001-A: System of mercury vapor lighting patent, US-2834447-A: Silo installation for storing articles patent, US-2840360-A: Mining tool for injecting liquid, such as water, at high pressure patent, US-2841250-A: Vehicle emergency brake patent, US-2847679-A: Toilet for boats patent, US-2848504-A: Alkyl hexafluorocyclobutanes and process for preparing them patent, US-2850377-A: Carbonyl treatment of nickelcontaining laterite ores patent, US-2850741-A: Convertible garment construction and method for making same patent, US-2860344-A: Rain cape patent, US-2863135-A: Magnetic memory circuits patent, US-2868206-A: Intra luminal vein stripper patent, US-2883971-A: Hydraulically operated booster brake mechanism patent, US-2889906-A: Dust discharge devices patent, US-2905321-A: Method and apparatus for inspecting glass spheres patent, US-2915512-A: Aminated polystyrenes patent, US-2916756-A: Double-acting self-cleaning retractable brush patent, US-2930602-A: Gas analysis crucible patent, US-2930646-A: Deadlocking latch mechanisms patent, US-2932383-A: Support and protective receptacle for contact lens patent, US-2951071-A: New monoazo dyestuffs patent, US-2951849-A: Hydrazine derivatives patent, US-2963302-A: Coupling mechanism for trailers and tractors patent, US-2965559-A: Asphalt manufacture patent, US-2969322-A: Preparation of well packer fluids patent, US-2969483-A: Interlocking control unit patent, US-2986357-A: Collapsible jack spool patent, US-2992487-A: Measuring rule patent, US-2997895-A: Control unit patent, US-3002378-A: Isochronic system for testing of aircraft patent, US-3003463-A: Hatching drawers patent, US-3007095-A: Vibration exciter amplitude protector sensing circuit patent, US-3027443-A: Carton gluing apparatus patent, US-3028635-A: Advancing screw for gill box patent, US-3030804-A: Apparatus for recording fuel consumption in internal combustion engines patent, US-3031798-A: Magnetic toy patent, US-3039696-A: Guns for atomization and electrostatic projection of particles patent, US-3052503-A: Raceway construction patent, US-3069289-A: Protective backing for mirrors patent, US-3071089-A: Sewing machine with feed wheel feeding patent, US-3092771-A: Broadband transmit-receive device patent, US-3103861-A: Pressure plate assembly for cameras or magazines patent, US-3121613-A: Calcium determination method patent, US-3121774-A: Gain regulating arrangement for carrier current telecommunication system patent, US-3124726-A: Howland patent, US-3130522-A: Lead shift mechanism patent, US-3132070-A: Method of controlling fungus by means of organotin compounds patent, US-3134596-A: Golf club head with transparent insert patent, US-3141232-A: Method for producing strain gages patent, US-3143948-A: Automatic copying device patent, US-3150704-A: Tire bead clamping structure patent, US-3163185-A: Dimensionally stable, directionally stiff woven fabric patent, US-3176130-A: Narrow band x-ray detector patent, US-3176530-A: Auto-cycle control system patent, US-3187579-A: Pressure-to-frequency transducer patent, US-3190298-A: Magnetic conveyor and can washer combination patent, US-3207103-A: Portable burning apparatus patent, US-3215217-A: Weight loading device for beam balance weighing scales patent, US-3217115-A: High velocity arc interrupter patent, US-3217434-A: Device for holding a pleated garment patent, US-3227634-A: Method of manufacturing moulds for pressing phonograph records patent, US-3234623-A: Mortician's block patent, US-3235811-A: Transistor frequency discriminator circuits patent, US-3242385-A: Universal network assemblage patent, US-3255465-A: Baby basket stand and rocking device patent, US-3257824-A: Integral lubricant return riser for refrigeration systems patent, US-3276268-A: Gyroscopic instrument patent, US-3276439-A: Dual-range governor for internal combustion engines patent, US-3277325-A: Brush holder mechanism for electric motor patent, US-3284882-A: Process of embodying chaplets with beads made of coconut husk material or the like fixed on a continuous chain patent, US-3291093-A: Anchors patent, US-3300700-A: Speed control circuit for series motors patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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