Beef cattle feed convenient for drawing materials



The invention relates to beef cattle feed convenient for drawing materials. The beef cattle feed is produced by adopting the following raw material components in parts by weight: 200 to 300 parts of lotus leaves, 100 to 200 parts of taro seedlings, 50 to 100 parts of corn, 50 to 100 parts of soybean cake, 50 to 80 parts of rice bran, 40 to 60 parts of lotus roots, 5 to 15 parts of eggs, 1 to 3 parts of table salt, 5 to 10 parts of bone meal, 20 to 50 parts of hawthorn, 10 to 30 parts of houttuynia cordata and 1 to 2 parts of saccharomycetes. The beef cattle feed uses various natural feed easy for drawing materials as main materials; by adding other conventional auxiliary materials, the beef cattle feed is rich in nutrition, high in utilization rate, better in beef quality and capable of effectively promoting the health and rapid growth of the cattle.




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