Double-person escalator in corridor



The invention discloses a double-person escalator in a corridor and relates to a stair lifting device. The double-person escalator is arranged in the corridor, does not affect ventilation or lighting, is safe and reliable in running, easy and convenient to use, low in manufacturing cost and short in construction period, and can solve the problems that when an elevator is additionally arranged in an old building, ventilation and lightning are affected, and manufacturing cost is too high. The double-person escalator comprises a host and guiding frames symmetrically and fixedly arranged on the two sides of a stair and parallel to the slope of the stair. The host comprises a host frame installed on the guiding frames, and a driving device used for driving the host frame to move on the guiding frames. The double-person escalator can be installed on a single floor and can also be installed on a whole building, can serve as a carrying tool for a person to go upstairs and downstairs, can serve as a stair, can be independently used by residents on each floor and can also be used by all the residents. The double-person escalator can relieve the conflict between residents on the high floors and the low floors, solves the problem, troubling people many years, that an elevator cannot be easily added in the old building and the problem that people climb half of the stair after an elevator is added, and can be widely used for duplex compartments and villas with the floor number larger than two.




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