High-temperature deep-well screw drill



The invention discloses a high-temperature deep-well screw drill which comprises a drill body coated with a protective layer. The protective layer is prepared by the following steps: (1) selecting 4.2 parts of acrylic resin, 0.8 part of silicate, 1.2 parts of formic acid, 1.1 parts of nano-aluminum oxide powder, 0.4 part of potassium metasilicate and 0.9 part of dimethylethanolamine for sufficiently uniform mixing, so as to obtain a bottom-layer protective coating; (2) selecting 3.2 parts of amino resin, 0.8 part of 4-tert-amylphenol, 0.1 part of talcum powder, 0.4 part of an amide gas-phase rust inhibitor, 0.7 part of selenium acetylacetonate and 0.3 part of zinc carbonate for sufficiently uniform mixing, so as to obtain a surface-layer protective coating; (3) at first, spraying the bottom-layer protective coating onto the surface of the drill body for curing and drying; (4), then, spraying the surface-layer protective coating for further curing and drying. As the drill body of the high-temperature deep-well screw drill is coated with the protective layer, the service life of the high-temperature deep-well screw drill can be prolonged.




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