After-started passive power enlarger


  • Inventors: ZHANG QUANZHI
  • Assignees: 张卷志
  • Publication Date: February 03, 2016
  • Publication Number: CN-105298779-A


The invention provides an after-started passive power enlarger. Smaller power is used for pushing a pushing column, and a lever principle is used for transferring the gravity center of a weight object to a road wheel, so that the road wheel can obtain multiplied power ; then the power drives a power generator to be converted into electric power through the road wheel; and part of electric power is supplied to achieve self working (pushing the pushing column), and the remaining electric power is output through a line. According to the scheme, after starting is carried out, continuous outward acting can be carried out without consuming extra energy resources. The after-started passive power enlarger is simple in structure, good in maneuverability, stable in output and capable of bringing great economic benefits to the social development.




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