Map data storage method and system



The invention relates to a map data storage method and system. The method comprises the following steps: acquiring a uniform resource mark of a corresponding electric power system resource, a measured value ID and a data information amount value according to received map data; acquiring data characteristic information of the map data according to a pre-set power grid model library, the uniform resource mark of the electric power system resource, the measured value ID and the data information amount value; acquiring the uniform resource mark of the map data, and combining the uniform resource mark of the map data and the data characteristic information to form a logic central point file, and storing the logic central point file in a named node of a distributed type file system; and storing the map data into a data node of the distributed type file system. When a user accesses the map data, a resource list of the named node is inquired according to the data characteristic information or the uniform resource mark of the map data, and the corresponding map data is rapidly searched and does not need to be analyzed; and the method and system also can be used for rapidly searching the map data independently, and the data accessing efficiency is improved.




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