Tea leaf processing device



The invention belongs to the technical field of green tea production equipment and discloses a tea leaf processing device, aiming at solving the problems of an existing drying device that the structure is complicated and the drying efficiency is low. The tea leaf processing device comprises a drying room, wherein the drying room is internally provided with a tea drying frame; a plurality of slide grooves are formed in the tea drying frame; each slide groove is provided with a tea drawer capable of sliding along the slide groove; a plurality of vent holes are formed in the bottom of each tea drawer; a gas distribution disc is arranged under the tea drawers; the tea drying frame comprises two left supporting barrels and two right supporting barrels; the left supporting barrels are communicated with a hot air pipeline; a gas collection hood is arranged above the tea drawers; the upper side of the gas collection hood is communicated with a gas outlet pipeline; the gas outlet pipeline is communicated with the right supporting barrels; sealing strips are connected with the periphery of the gas collection hood; the sealing strips are connected at the periphery of the gas collection hood in an overlapping and staggering manner; the lower ends of the sealing strips are located under the gas distribution disc; and the sealing strip in front of the gas distribution hood is provided with an opening device.




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